Kangaroos and Koalas

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Kangaroo Chow
Family Gathering
Roo Breakfast
Roo Breakfast
Feeding Mates
Pet and Feed
Kangaroo Cuddling
Geese Say Good-bye
Koala Greetings
Koala Dining
My Tree!
No, My Tree!
Sharing a Tree
Koala Signs
Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks

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Our final day trip showed us a kangaroo ranch, a koala reserve, and a fairy penguin haven.  The first two encouraged pictures -- in fact, the kangaroos have been trained to demand your attention and food.  Cameras were prohibited at the penguin site, but we can show some of the near-by scenery at Seal Rock.
Our Melbourne visit was enhanced by Rainbow Tours.  We recommend them.
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