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Melbourne 2001

bulletUrban Views
Westgate Bridge
Shrine of Remembrance
View from the Shrine
2nd View from the Shrine
Parliament Lights
Parliament and Trams
From Parliament Steps
Legislative Assembly
Queen's Chair
Parliament Ceiling
Parliament Ceiling
Justice on Ceiling
Parliament Chandelier
Speaker Galen
Shopping Area
 Meridien Hotel
Shopping Arcades
Shopping Accades
Gog and Magog
Gog and Magog
Russian Dolls
St. Kilda Beach
South Bank Fountain
South Bank Fountain
South Bank Globe
Sofitel Atrium
Almost Drummond
Sofitel Views
Sofitel Views
Sofitel Views
Centennial Views
Tennis Views
Rod Laver Arena
Comfort Stop
Red Fuchsia
Geoff in Eden
Fitzroy Greenhouse
Galen's Path
Flowery Clock
Queen Victoria
Placid Ponds
Trees and Buildings
Flowery Pathway
Textures of Trees
Tree-Lined Path
More Royal Trees
Little Foxes
... Gross Foxes
Bat Sign
Going to the Zoo
Orange Butterfly
Orange and Friend
Black and White
Butterflies in Flowers
Orange Butterfly
Butterfly on Leaf
Black Beauty
Brown Beauty
Wooded Picnic
Picnic with Trees
Domain Chandon
Domain Chandon  Catwalk
Bottling Plant
Winery Outlook
Tea with Paul
bulletGreat Ocean Road
Bass Strait
Queenscliff Lighthouse
Fort, Ho!
Surf's Up!
Torquay Picnic
Geoff at Torquay
Torquay Beach
Totem Beaver
Totem Pole
Start of the Road
An Apostle
Apostle and Friend
Looking Back
Twelve Apostles
Twelve Apostles
Apostolic Beach
Twelve Apostles
Twelve Apostles
Twelve Apostles
Twelve Apostles
G&G on the Rocks
Beach Signs
Loch Ard Playhouse
The Tempest
Cave Dwellers
Loch Ard Cave
Loch Ard Gorge
Sand Sculpture
Rock Sculpture
Dangerous Surf
Fast Waves
Geoff and Surf
Surf Watchers
Ocean Road Scenery
Ocean Road Scenery
Ocean Road Scenery
London Bridge
bulletKangaroos and Koalas
Kangaroo Chow
Family Gathering
Roo Breakfast
Roo Breakfast
Feeding Mates
Pet and Feed
Kangaroo Cuddling
Geese Say Good-bye
Koala Greetings
Koala Dining
My Tree!
No, My Tree!
Sharing a Tree
Koala Signs
Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks
bulletHome Base
Lygon Street
Lygon Street Tables
Il Primo
Ristorante Borsari
Geoffrey and Daisy
Common Room
bulletTable of Contents

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Photos and text by Galen Workman.
Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.
Revised: 11/10/02.
Our Melbourne visit was enhanced by Rainbow Tours.  We recommend them.
Galen Workman 2001-2002  Please also visit the main web pages at Ozdachs!