The Board of Trustees is responsible for representing the Membership between meetings of the Congregation.

The Board's primary responsibilities are helping Membership determine the Mission and Goals of the Society and then monitoring the Society's progress in achieving the desired ends. 

Developing the methods of achieving the desired ends and executing plans is responsibility of the Society's Executive Team.  The Executive Team reports regularly to the Board, and the Board is responsible for evaluating the Executive Team's results.

The Board adopted a set of Governance Policies on October 10, 2000 which clarifies responsibilities and reporting.  These policies are modeled on the Policy Governance® theory which is described more fully on the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly workshop site, on John Carver's page, and elsewhere on the web.  

Our Governance Policies

The policies of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco are available in two different formats. 

bulletA .pdf file which can be viewed, saved, and printed.

For this .pdf version the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader must be installed on your machine.  If you would like to be able to view and print our policies but do not have the Acrobat reader yet, you can download it now by clicking hereDownload the FREE Acrobat Reader Now!
bulletThe source file in Microsoft Word format.

For this .doc version, you must own and have installed Microsoft Word or another program capable of reading Word 2000 files.

Additional Information

More information about our Society's method of governance is available on the Organizational Basics page.

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