Worship Service of the
First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco
Conducted by the Rev. Margot  Campbell Gross
October 7, 2001

When I was in South Africa, I was privileged to be invited into people's lives. The hospitality and courage I witnessed, in the face of catastrophic challenges, moved me deeply.
Returning home, I found that the images which came to me were of my experiences during this time--not so much the objective scene, but my subjective response to it.

-- Reverend Margot Campbell Gross

Blue Lollipop

At the doorway of his mother's shack,

he sat staring out into the hot, dusty day.

 He was holding a blue lollipop.


Misty Morning

One early morning there was a thick mist. To my surprise I saw three horses slowly walking past my window.



Youth Group

They met in a tin shed. It was

broiling hot. I sat with them and

listened to their intense discussions

as to who should be included in

the group.


Red Earth

After the funeral we went to the

grave site, where the women sang

and the priest prayed. After the

coffin was lowered into the ground,

the men picked up spades and

started shoveling the red earth into

the hole.


Thembi's School

Thembi lives in the shacks.

She has a preschool for

some thirty children, whom she feeds,

teaches, sings to, 

and loves.


Sangoma's Garden

We went to visit the Sangoma, or

Witch Doctor, who lived in the

shacks, to see how his garden was coming along.

Picture of Joyce's Daughter

I visited the hospice where Joyce was dying.

She showed me the photograph

of her daughter,

the love of her life.


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